Linux 2.6.6

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Sun May 09 2004 - 22:00:10 EST

Ok, there it is (well, the tar-file and patches are still being up-loaded,
but should be there soon).

NTFS, XFS, FAT and CIFS updates. IDE cache-flush at shutdown fixes. ppc,
sparc, s390 and ARM updates (and a few x86-64 fixes).

Holler if I missed anything,



Summary of changes from v2.6.6-rc3 to v2.6.6

Adam Belay:
o parport pnp detection fix

Alex Williamson:
o [SERIAL] 8250_hcdp needs irq sharing

Alexander Viro:
o Fix might_sleep in /proc/swaps code
o mcdx.c insanity removal

Andi Kleen:
o Fix machine check handler on x86-64
o Fix x86-64 compilation without iommu for 2.6.6rc3

Andrew Morton:
o acpi build fix setup.c:608: `acpi_skip_timer_override' undeclared
o cifssmb.c warning fix
o writeback livelock fix
o fadvise length handling fix
o task_struct alignment fix
o usb linkage fix
o cancel_delayed_work() fix
o b44 driver needs mii
o run populate_rootfs() before initcalls

Andries E. Brouwer:
o report size of printk buffer

Anton Altaparmakov:
o NTFS: Use get_bh() instead of manual atomic_inc() in
o NTFS: - Modify fs/ntfs/time.c::ntfs2utc(), get_current_ntfs_time(),
and utc2ntfs() to work with struct timespec instead of time_t on
the Linux UTC time side thus preserving the full precision of the
NTFS time and only loosing up to 99 nano-seconds in the Linux UTC
o NTFS: - Remove unused ntfs_dirty_inode()
o NTFS: Wrap flush_dcache_mft_record_page() in #ifdef NTFS_RW
o NTFS: Add NInoTestSetFoo() and NInoTestClearFoo() macro magic to
fs/ntfs/inode.h and use it to declare NInoTest{Set,Clear}Dirty.
o NTFS: Move typedefs for ntfs_attr and test_t from fs/ntfs/inode.c
to fs/ntfs/inode.h so they can be used elsewhere.
o NTFS: Determine the mft mirror size as the number of mirrored mft
records and store it in ntfs_volume->mftmirr_size
o NTFS: Load the mft mirror at mount time and compare the mft records
stored in it to the ones in the mft (fs/ntfs/super.c).
o NTFS: - Fix compiler warnings related to type casting
o NTFS: Read the journal ($LogFile) and determine if the volume has
been shutdown cleanly and force a read-only mount if not
(fs/ntfs/super.c and fs/ntfs/logfile.c). This is a little bit of a
crude check in that we only look at the restart areas and not at
the actual log records so that there will be a very small number of
cases where we think that a volume is dirty when in fact it is
clean. This should only affect volumes that have not been shutdown
cleanly and did not have any pending, non-check-pointed i/o.
o NTFS: Eeek. Forgot to revert the Makefile before checking it in
last time
o NTFS: 2.1.8 release - If the $LogFile indicates a clean shutdown
and a read-write (re)mount is requested, empty $LogFile by
overwriting it with 0xff bytes to ensure that Windows cannot cause
data corruption by replaying a stale journal after Linux has
written to the volume.

Arjan van de Ven:
o ide-disk.c: write cache handling fixes
o IDE disk cache flush at unopportune momemnts
o ide: don't send cacheflush to drives that don't understand it

Armin Schindler:
o ISDN CAPI: fix ncci list semaphore
o ISDN Eicon driver: accept capidrv parameters
o ISDN Eicon driver: fix empty queue check
o ISDN Eicon driver: fix idi cleanup deadlock

Arnd Bergmann:
o s390: oprofile Kconfig fixes

Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz:
o fix default IDE interfaces initialization for PPC32
o fixup for C1 Halt Disconnect problem on nForce2 chipsets
o Suspend IDE disks on shutdown

Ben Collins:
o [IEEE1394]: Fix deadlock in killing kernel thread

Benjamin Herrenschmidt:
o ppc/ppc64: Cleanup PPC970 CPU initialization
o Fix my address in CREDITS
o ppc32: Add missing [pci_]dma_mapping_error()
o ppc32: pmac support update
o ppc64: Fix nasty typo in PTE freeing code
o [SUNZILOG]: Fix DCD/CTS change tests, just like in pmac_zilog

Bjorn Helgaas:
o [SERIAL] default to serial console when possible

Chris Wright:
o fix memleak in sys_mq_timedsend
o fix queues_count accounting in mqueue_delete_inode()

Christoph Hellwig:
o [XFS] use kmem_alloc for noaddr buffers
o [XFS] kill the pagebuf vs xfs_buf confusion
o [XFS] really kill the pagebuf vs xfs_buf confusion
o [XFS] clarify pagebuf page lookup logic
o [XFS] Don't reset buffer offset before using it
o [XFS] close external blockdevice after final flush
o fix warning in arch/ppc/boot/simple/misc.c
o fix WARN_ON on XFS module unload

Clay Haapala:
o [LIB]: Add CRC32c (Castagnoli, et al Cyclic Redundancy-Check)
o [LIB]: Use compiler.h's pure attribute macros in crc32.c
o [CRYPTO]: Provide crc32c as a type of digest
o [CRYPTO]: Fix typing in crc32c's chksum_update

Coywolf Qi Hunt:
o Update kerneltraffic link in SubmittingDrivers and kernel-docs.txt

Daniel Ritz:
o [PCMCIA] add EnE specific initialization to fix HDSP

Dave Kleikamp:
o JFS: [CHECKER] Fix a possible null-pointer dereference
o JFS: [CHECKER] Memory leak in jfs_link
o JFS: [CHECKER] get rid of txAbortCommit

David Gibson:
o Fix overeager stack-expansion on ppc64
o POWER5 erratum workaround
o ppc64: shmget() translation bugfix
o ppc64: Use slbie, not slbia in hugepage code

David Mosberger:
o ia64: Fix Exec-Only stack patch so X can work again
o Cset exclude:

David S. Miller:
o [SPARC64]: Fix MAP_FIXED+shared address check, noticed by rmk
o [SPARC64]: Update defconfig
o [NET]: Undo marking sock_alloc() as static, still exported to
o [SPARC64]: hugetlbpage.c needs linux/module.h

David Stevens:
o [IPV4]: Use time_after() in override ARP calculation

David Vrabel:
o [ARM PATCH] 1832/1: Typo in dma_unregister_dev printk

Dean Roehrich:
o [XFS] Fix dmapi/mprotect interaction
o [XFS] Remove <linux/mman.h> now that linvfs_mprotect doesn't need

Denis Vlasenko:
o add missing #include

Dirk Behme:
o [ARM PATCH] 1835/1: Make ALTERA Excalibur work again in 2.6.5

Eric Sandeen:
o [XFS] Use pgoff_t for page indices, and remove other type confusion

Eric Wong:
o logips2pp driver update (MX510/310 support), cleanup

Gerd Knorr:
o Fix oops in video_register_device

Herbert Xu:
o [IPV4/IPV6]: Fix listing of listening sockets

Hirofumi Ogawa:
o FAT: Fix nfsv2 support
o FAT: small cleanup
o FAT: remove symbols exports from msdosfs/vfat

Hugh Dickins:
o mremap offset type
o mremap pte_unmap NULL
o add_to_page_cache comments
o page_mapping race fix

Ingo Molnar:
o [NET]: Update netpoll credits

Ivan Kokshaysky:
o Fix rwsem contention case on alpha/s390x

James Morris:
o [NET]: Add sock_create_kern()
o [NET]: Add sock_create_lite()

Jeff Garzik:
o [libata sata_sis] support SATA SCRs in PCI cfg space

Jeremy Higdon:
o sata_vsc initialization fix

Jon Krueger:
o [XFS] Correct the (file size >= stripe unit) check inside
xfs_iomap_write_delay. It was comparing the file size, in bytes,
against the stripe unit size, in FSBs. (PV 911469)

Joshua Kwan:
o [SPARC64]: Use $(CC) in NEW_GCC checks

Karol Kozimor:
o acpi4asus 0.28 (Karol 'sziwan' Kozimor)

Keith M. Wesolowski:
o [SPARC32]: Ensure swap entries do not overlap the PRESENT or FILE
o [SPARC32]: Correct calculation of num_physpages
o [SPARC32]: Trivial reformatting patch for arch/sparc/mm/init.c
o [SPARC32]: Reduce fragmentation in the bitmap allocator

Keith Owens:
o ia64: SN_SAL_PRINT_ERROR is reentrant

Len Brown:
o [ACPI] fix x86_64 mis-merge
o [ACPI] enable 440GX PIRQ router workaround
o [ACPI] enhance intr-src-override parsing to handle ES7000
o ACPI] Delete IRQ2 "cascade" in ACPI IOAPIC mode no such concept
exists in ACPI, frees IRQ2 for use.
o [ACPI] if acpi_os_name= is used, print what it finds
o [ACPI] allow IRQ2 to be used in ACPI/IOAPIC mode
o [ACPI] Workaround "_BBN 0" BIOS bug enhance "pci=noacpi" to skip
ACPI PCI configuration and interrupt config add "acpi=noirq" to
skip just ACPI interrupt config (David Shaohua Li)
o [ACPI] workaround for nForce2 BIOS bug: XT-PIC timer in IOAPIC mode
"acpi_skip_timer_override" boot parameter dmi_scan for common
platforms, may be replaced with PCI-ID in future.
o [ACPI] No IRQ known... - using IRQ 255 (Bjarni Rúnar Einarsson)
o ACPI irq->gsi naming (Bjorn Helgaas)
o [ACPI] battery "charged" instead of "unknown" (Luming Yu)
o [ACPI] pci-link may not always be SHARED (SuSE via Luming Yu)
o [ACPI] rmmod ACPI modules vs /proc from Anil S Keshavamurthy and
David Shaohua Li
o [ACPI] toshiba_acpi driver if acpi_disabled (David Shaohua Li)
o [ACPI] support button driver unload (Luming Yu)
o [ACPI] fix build warning in dmi_scan
o [ACPI] button build fix
o [ACPI] PCI Interrupt Link fixes Handle BIOS that reference disabled
PCI Interrupt Link Devices
o [ACPI] export symbols to button module

Linus Torvalds:
o Add __user annotations to ppc64 user access functions
o Tell the sparse checker to use 64-bit mode when checking a ppc64
o Fix fixed fadvice length handling
o Make types of big integers in bitops.h explicit
o Be more careful about semaphore contention memory ordering
o Be more careful about waking up rwsem waiters
o x86-64: fix preempt race in exit_thread
o All the Intel LPC bridges have the same PCI quirks
o Waste less memory in dentries
o Mark the ACPI CPU throttle and timer IO regions busy
o Linux 2.6.6

Luiz Capitulino:
o fix warning in fs/dquot.c

Marc Singer:
o [ARM PATCH] 1816/1: lh7a40x #2 (1/7) core
o [ARM PATCH] 1817/1: lh7a40x #2 (2/7) core-include
o [ARM PATCH] 1818/1: lh7a40x #2 (3/7) doc

Martin Schwidefsky:
o s390: core s390
o s390: common i/o layer
o s390: network driver
o s390: 3270 console driver
o s390: zfcp host adapter
o s390: oprofile for s390

Matt Tolentino:
o efivars sysfs fix

Meelis Roos:
o ppc32: compile error in signal.c

Michael Hunold:
o DVB:Fix adapter module removal bug

Mikael Pettersson:
o gcc-3.4.0 fixes
o allow drivers to claim the lapic NMI watchdog HW

Mike Miller:
o cciss build fix
o cciss MAINTAINERS update
o cciss update

Nathan Scott:
o [XFS] Fix a very hard-to-hit, small-block-size only corruption
o [XFS] Fix delayed write buffer handling to use the correct list
interfaces, add validity checks, remove unused code, fix comments.
o [XFS] Make buffer error checking consistent, add a value range
o [XFS] Return the right error code on an ACL xattr version mismatch
o [XFS] Only use page->private to track page state for page cache
o [XFS] Fix some cases where we returned fill_super success, instead
o [XFS] Allow xfsbufd flush intervals to take immediate effect after
changing the flush sysctl value. Fix from Bart Samwel
o [XFS] Use USER_HZ in XFS sysctl interfaces. Fix from Bart Samwel
o [XFS] Bump up age_buffer and sync_interval maxima for laptop mode.
From Bart Samwel
o [XFS] Fix vmtruncate abuse in the XFS setattr ATTR_SIZE operation
o [XFS] cleanup pagebuf flag usage and simplify pagebuf_free
o [XFS] Fix up a trivial merge botch
o [XFS] Revive an accidentally dropped pagesize > blocksize assert

Nicolas Pitre:
o [ARM PATCH] 1836/1: don't hardcode virtual addresses
o [ARM PATCH] 1837/1: small Lubbock cleanup
o [ARM PATCH] 1838/1: Lubbock leds and macro namespace cleanup
o [ARM PATCH] 1839/1: fix lubbock_flash.c which used a bogus reg name
o [ARM PATCH] 1840/1: recognize more XScale CPU variants
o [ARM PATCH] 1841/1: Lubbock defconfig update

Nitin A. Kamble:
o mxcsr patch for i386 & x86-64

Olof Johansson:
o ppc64: Set memory-only nodes online

Pat Gefre:
o ia64: SN2 fix

Patrick Wildi:
o serverworks.c: fix DMA for OSB4

Paul Mackerras:
o ppc64: fix incorrect signal handler argument
o ppc32: Updated boot fix
o Fix CTS handling in pmac-zilog.c

Paul Wagland:
o bug fix for megaraid memory leak

Pavel Machek:
o make ikconfig quiet

Petr Vandrovec:
o ncpfs data corruption when using large TCP transfers

René Scharfe:
o FAT: simple error handling cleanup

Richard Henderson:
o [ALPHA] Add message queue syscalls

Roman Zippel:
o fix value toggle in gconf

Russell Cattelan:
o [XFS] Fix for the xfs dir2 rebalance bug

Russell King:
o [ARM] Add read_cpuid() to aid reading CPU ID registers
o [ARM] Fix BE find_*_bit operations
o [ARM] Update assabet_defconfig
o [ARM] Update ioremap implementation
o [ARM] Fix dependencies of SERIO_AMBAKMI and SERIO_RPCKBD
o [ARM] Oprofile should use asm/irq.h not asm/arch/irqs.h
o [ARM] Fix monspecs in ARM-related framebuffer drivers
o [ARM] Remove Anakin default configuration file
o [ARM] Fix shared mmap()ings for ARM VIPT caches
o [ARM] Fix read_cpuid()
o [ARM] Fix atomic bitops earlyclobber
o [ARM] Move all page fault handling code to fault.c
o [ARM] Add Versatile default configuration
o Update MTD concatenating driver
o [SERIAL] Fix the calculation of the number of UARTs
o [ARM] Fix potential oops and kill unused variable warning in
o [ARM] Update mach-types file again
o [SERIAL] Remove unused variable
o [ARM] Remove DMA support in Versatile
o [ARM] Enclose MMC-related code in #ifdef CONFIG_MMC .. #endif
o [SERIAL] Remove unmerged 'clk' subsystem from PL011 driver

Rusty Russell:
o [NET]: Fix MODULE_PARM_DESC typo in dummy driver

Slawomir Kolodynski:
o [SERIAL] Add support for SBS Tech. Inc. PMC-OCTPRO and P-OCTAL

Sridhar Samudrala:
o [SCTP] Fix bugs in handling overlapping INIT and peer restart over
a multihomed association.
consistent with the SCTP sockets API draft.
o [SCTP] Fix memset() parameter ordering
o [SCTP] Fix accessing Gap Ack blocks array with a -ve index in
o [SCTP]: Fix multihomed connection failures on 64-bit systems

Stas Sergeev:
o Fix IO bitmap invalidate

Stephen Hemminger:
o [NET]: Eliminate large inlines in skbuff.h
o [TCP]: tcp_send_skb code pruning
o [IPV4]: Use static in several places
o [NETLINK]: Mark some functions/data static
o static functions in as-iosched.c
o [NET]: More network layer static funcs and data
o SCTP crc table can be static const
o [TCP]: BIC TCP for Linux 2.6.6

Stephen Rothwell:
o PPC64 iSeries: replace semaphores with completions

Steve French:
o Fix port 139 connections to Windows 2K adding missing RFC1002
o Remove unneeded debug statement
o Flush writebehind before invalidate in file open path
o fix memory allocation of rfc1002 sess init struct
o update rfc1001 handling
o do not block (writing back to the filesystem potentially) while
allocating smb buffers
o rfc1001 session init name parsing fix
o fixes for socket retry and error handling of misc. error paths
o fix double entry typo
o fix ppc64 build problem due to missing header
o even if O_CREAT specified do not reset mode when file not actually
o reduce excessive stack space usage in smb password hashing
o do not refresh mode (e.g. in revalidate) to windows servers

Tom Rini:
o Fix thinkos in #if -> #ifdef conversions
o Fix thinkos in #if -> #ifdef conversions #2
o ppc32: Update SBS K2 support
o ppc32: Add openpic_hookup_cascade()
o ppc32: Update Motorola PrPMC750 support
o Fix support for the Motorola PrPMC800

Tony Lindgren:
o [ARM PATCH] 1844/1: Allow OMAP-730 and OMAP-5910 to use ARM926 in
o [ARM PATCH] 1846/1: OMAP update 1/2: arch files
o [ARM PATCH] 1847/1: OMAP update 2/2: include files

Trond Myklebust:
o NFSv3: Fix SETATTR call after O_EXCL create
o nfs printk warning fix

Venkatesh Pallipadi:
o bug in bigsmp CPU bringup

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