Re: dynamic allocation of swap disk space

From: Silviu Marin-Caea
Date: Mon May 10 2004 - 05:25:34 EST

John Bradford wrote:

The way I see the solution is: allocate swap space dynamically, until
there is no need for more or the disk becomes nearly full. If that
happens, then start thrashing it, all right. Then when the condition is
gone and things are back to normal deallocate the additional swap.

Very bad idea in my opinion.

Most likely quite so, I'm not a guru yet :-)

Over allocating swap space is a BAD practice, but the effects are usually not

How about dynamically allocating up to a certain limit.

Say, you have 256 MB or even less (to save space), and you allocate when needed up to 1 GB, then stop allocating, thrash disk, let the kernel detect and kill the runaway process.
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