Re: 2.6.6-rc3-mm2 (4KSTACK)

From: Bill Davidsen
Date: Mon May 10 2004 - 14:52:18 EST

Arjan van de Ven wrote:
It's probably a Bad Idea to push this to Linus before the vendors that have
significant market-impact issues (again - anybody other than NVidia here?)
have gotten their stuff cleaned up...

Ok I don't want to start a flamewar but... Do we want to hold linux back
until all binary only module vendors have caught up ??

My questions is, hold it back from what? Having the 4k option is fine, it's just eliminating the current default which I think is undesirable. I tried 4k stack, I couldn't measure any improvement in anything (as in no visible speedup or saving in memory). For an embedded system, where space is tight and the code paths well known, sure, but I haven't been able to find or generate any objective improvement, other than some posts saying smaller is always better. Nothing slows a system down like a crash, even if it isn't followed by a restore from backup.

Feel free to point me at some results showing major improvement from 4k stacks, I'm open to data.

-bill davidsen (davidsen@xxxxxxx)
"The secret to procrastination is to put things off until the
last possible moment - but no longer" -me
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