Re: [PATCH] hci-usb bugfix

From: Oliver Neukum
Date: Mon May 10 2004 - 15:39:26 EST

> which results in the same as if we set NULL for the private pointer when
> we claim the second interface. If this really happens then we have more
> problems in the driver itself, because this case won't be handled in
> either way. However I don't think that this will happen, because for

You can trigger it in software through usbfs.

> Bluetooth devices interface 0 and 1 can be seen as a unit. The only
> reason that this was split over two interfaces, was that you don't have
> to stop the bulk transfers when you change the altsetting on the second
> interface.

Yes, but you should really stop using the second interface _before_
returning returning from disconnect() for _that_ interface. You will
operate correctly if the primary interface is disconnected first,
but you cannot depend on that. If the secondary interface is
disconnected first, you have a window where you illegally use an
interface you no longer own.

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