[BK PATCH] SCSI updates for 2.6.6

From: James Bottomley
Date: Mon May 10 2004 - 18:08:40 EST

This is the latest set of assorted fixes, plus one new driver: the IBM
Power Raid (ipr).

The patch can be pulled from:


The short changelog is:

o 3ware driver update

o Initio INI-9X00U/UW error handling in 2.6

o qla2xxx set current state fixes

Alan Stern:
o (as255) Handle Unit Attention during INQUIRY better

Andrew Morton:
o aic7xxx deadlock fix
o scsi_disk_release() warning fix

Andrew Vasquez:
o qla2100 fabric fixes
o [15/15] qla2xxx: Update driver version
o [14/15] qla2xxx: Resync with latest released firmware -- 3.02.28
o [13/15] qla2xxx: Misc. code scrubbing
o [12/15] qla2xxx: RIO/ZIO fixes
o [11/15] qla2xxx: /proc fixes
o [10/15] qla2xxx: Use readX_relaxed
o [9/15] qla2xxx: Tape command handling fixes
o [8/15] qla2xxx: Volatile topology fixes
o [7/15] qla2xxx: Firmware options fixes
o [6/15] qla2xxx: LoopID downcast fix
o [5/15] qla2xxx: Debug messages during ISP abort
o [4/15] qla2xxx: PortID binding fixes
o [3/15] qla2xxx: 2100 request-q contraints
o [2/15] qla2xxx: Remove flash routines
o [1/15] qla2xxx: Firmware dump fixes

Aristeu Sergio Rozanski Filho:
o qlogic_cs: use qlogicfas408 module
o qlogicfas: split and create a new module
o qlogicfas: kill horrible irq probing

Bob Tracy:
o sym53c500_cs remove irq,ioport scsi attributes
o sym53c500_cs PCMCIA SCSI driver (round 5)

Brian King:
o Add IBM power RAID driver 2.0.6
o Make SCSI timeout modifiable

Chris Wright:
o Update aacraid MAINTAINERS entry

Christoph Hellwig:
o mca_53c9x needs CONFIG_MCA_LEGACY
o missing pci_set_master in megaraid
o imm/ppa style police

Eric Dean Moore:
o MPT Fusion driver 3.01.06 update
o MPT Fusion add back FC909 support

Herbert Xu:
o aic7xxx: fix oops whe hardware is not present

James Bottomley:
o fix LLD module refcounting in sr.c
o Add SCSI IPR PCI Ids to pci_ids.h
o Fix errors in [PATCH] aic7xxx: fix oops whe hardware is not present
o Cset exclude: jejb@mulgrave.(none)|ChangeSet|20040404150128|05866
o aic7xxx: compile fix for EISA only case

Jeremy Higdon:
o minor changes to qla1280 driver

Kai Mäkisara:
o SCSI tape log message fixes

Kurt Garloff:
o scsi: don't attach device if PQ indicates not connected

Mark Haverkamp:
o aacraid reset handler fix

Michael Veeck:
o (3/5) ncr53c8x: use kernel.h min/max
o (4/5) nsp32 (ninja): use kernel.h min/max/ARRAY_SIZE
o (2/5) aic7xyz_old: use kernel.h min/max/ARRAY_SIZE
o (5/5) pcmcia/nsp: use kernel.h min/max/ARRAY_SIZE

Mike Anderson:
o fix module unload problem in sd

Pavel Machek:
o support swsusp for aic7xxx


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