Companies interested in security for Embedded Linux?

From: Kristian Sørensen
Date: Tue May 11 2004 - 09:10:41 EST

Hi :)

We have previously announced some releases of Umbrella to this list.

Umbrella introduces process based mandatory access control and
authentification of files to Linux 2.6 for embedded systems.

Umbrella was developed during our master thesis in Computer Science at
Aalborg University (DK). We have all chosen to join the "Industrial
Computer Science" line, which will span from September 2004 to June
2005. In that period we will need to get some contacts to the industry
for embedded Linux in order to get some feedback on our design and
implementation... as we will also finish the implementation.

Does any of you, know some companies, that would be a good ida to try to
contact? We have tried MontaVista and Siemens, they seem to be
interested but the communication has stalled :(

The Umbrella Team.

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