RE: [2.6.6 PATCH] Exposing EFI memory map

From: Sourav Sen
Date: Tue May 11 2004 - 09:48:07 EST

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+ Subject: Re: [2.6.6 PATCH] Exposing EFI memory map
+ On Fri, May 07, 2004 at 03:15:30PM +0530, Sourav Sen wrote:
+ > Here we have "Array of values of same types". And it does
+ not do much
+ > nifty formatting either. Is that not acceptable?
+ But they are not of the same time, as you admitted :)

Right. On similar lines I believe we need to split
firmware/efi/systab as well.

+ Also, they could be bigger than a single page, right? That is not
+ possible right now in sysfs.
+ > If that is not, how about the following.
+ >
+ > 1. Create a directory "memmap" under firmware/efi/
+ > 2. Create files "map_start", "map_size" and "mapdesc_size" under
+ > that exposing ia64_boot_param->efi_memmap,
+ > ia64_boot_param->efi_memmap_size
+ > and ia64_boot_param->efi_memdesc_size respectively.
+ >
+ > Userland can make meaning out of them by knowing the values
+ and knowing
+ > about "efi_memory_desc_t" which is already there in
+ > /usr/include/asm/efi.h
+ I think you should address the other issues in this thread before
+ worrying about the sysfs interface (why have this at all, incorrect
+ data for hotplug mem, etc.)
I did not hear whether the idea of updating efi memory map on a
hotplug is good or bad. In any case, can somebody tell me to how do
I get the available physical range map (only the ranges that VM is
using at a given point in time) from userland. I believe I outlined
a legitimate requirement earlier in this thread :-)

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