usb webcam problem

From: Julien Didron
Date: Tue May 11 2004 - 15:14:17 EST

Hello list,

I'm experiencing this problem, using a QuickCam Zoom from you know who ... with the pwc driver :

May 11 21:28:22 kisskool pwc Frame buffer underflow (4 bytes); discarded.
May 11 21:28:22 kisskool pwc Closing video device: 75 frames received, dumped 0 frames, 71 frames with errors.

Now, after contacting NemoSoft about this issue, it seems the problem might have to do with the OHCI driver.
Here is my setup :
Kernel 2.6.6 (but I also had this problem running kernels 2.6.4 & 2.6.5, never tried with any other, also to mention that it is patched for use with a bootsplash).
USB controller : Nforce2
Mobo : A7N8X with AMD3200+

Thank you in advance for any help you might give me.


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