odd problem with dd, kernels 2.6.5-mm6, 2.6.6 maybe others

From: Gene Heskett
Date: Wed May 12 2004 - 08:29:22 EST


I'm apparently having tape problems, and dd is one of the tools I use
to fix things. Unforch, when /dev/nst0 has reported an error during
the amcheck cycle, on 2 of the 4 tapes that it read just fine
yesterday, and then I do a rewind on one of them, and issue a 'dd
if=/dev/nst0 count=1' which *should* spit out the tape header
onscreen, what I'm actually getting is that nothing touches the drive
as far as moving the tape or changing the "Ready 1" display on the
face of the changer, but I do have a hung dd that can only be gotten
rid of by a reboot.

It cannot be killed, not even with a -9. I do not know if this is a
new development in kernel history or not, but it sure is a PITA.

Its been hung for about 20 minutes now.

Is there anything that I as a big dummy can do to remedy this?

Cheers, Gene
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