CAS1N0: New Deal!! 50% Sign Up Bonus! megan cosmos:

From: stan
Date: Wed May 12 2004 - 11:36:34 EST

50% BONU:S for YOUR FIRST DEPO|SIT as a New Player.

SI|GN UP now! Don't wait!

Once you're a Mem`ber, there are near WEEK|LY 2-T'O-1, and 3-T'O-1 depo'sit offers!

Imagine, put in $25, GET $50 CRE:DIT BE'FORE YOU PL:ACE YO|UR FI:RST BET!!


sally corrado pirate lamer molly1 memory norman first angus bernie swimming symbol express hanna warriors dundee guinness amanda1 electric raptor jan james1 center dexter venus don
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