Re: Linux 2.6.6 "IDE cache-flush at shutdown fixes"

From: Rene Herman
Date: Wed May 12 2004 - 14:59:55 EST

Eric D. Mudama wrote:

Thanks much for responding. I have one of these maxtor drives.

Note that this only affects newer drives (last 18 months or so) that
are <120GB. (Yes, I know that is still a truckload)

Possibly <=, but at least both 6Y120P0 (120G, 8M cache) en 6Y120L0 (120G, 2M cache) are affected. Experiencing it myself on 6Y120P0.

There are a gazillion of these in the field (we sell ~60 million
drives/year?) so I don't believe a firmware "upgrade" or equivalent
simply is logistically possible, but this inconsistency is going to be
addressed in future products, I'm making sure of it.

As to logistics... must say I'd already be satisfied with a new firmware downloadable from the maxtor site and a means to upload it. Of course, a linux means would be best for me. If not possible, real-mode DOS is useable.

If anyone has questions, please don't hesitate to email and I'll do my
best to help.

Thanks for responding! Please do consider making an updated firmware available through the site...


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