Re: More convenient way to grab hugepage memory

From: Roland Dreier
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 01:48:39 EST

David> Well, it's only called in one place - it's really the one
David> function, just split up to let us put the wrapper creating
David> the hugetlb file in the right place without excessive
David> indentation. I guess it doesn't really matter, with
David> -funit-at-a-time it will end up the same anyway.

We seem to be in a strange situation with respect to -funit-at-a-time:

# Disable unit-at-a-time mode, it makes gcc use a lot more stack
# due to the lack of sharing of stacklots.
CFLAGS += $(call check_gcc,-fno-unit-at-a-time,)

# -funit-at-a-time shrinks the kernel .text considerably
# unfortunately it makes reading oopses harder.
CFLAGS += $(call check_gcc,-funit-at-a-time,)

# Enable unit-at-a-time mode when possible. It shrinks the
# kernel considerably.
CFLAGS += $(call check_gcc,-funit-at-a-time,)

It looks like i386/x86_64 led the way to -funit-at-a-time, ppc64
followed, and then i386 had second thoughts because of increased stack
usage around the time of 4K stacks.

No other archs have a position one way or another.

- Roland
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