Re: Crashes possibly related to XFS fs.

From: David Martinez Moreno - RedIRIS
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 05:34:45 EST

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El Jueves, 13 de Mayo de 2004 11:42, Marco Adurno escribió:
> I noticed that you have a Sil3112SATA controller and that you use the
> "ide version" of the driver. Have you tried to don't compile the libata
> version of the driver?

Hello, Marco.

Nice shot. Frankly, I had not noticed the "inconsistency". I guess that I
suppossed that both were needed when I configured it.

Jeff, could be this "dual driver" the reason of the crashes? Which driver
should I choose for normal operation, the IDE or the libata one? If one of
them is bit-rotting, maybe should be removed. But definitely a patch for
Kconfig should clarify which driver is the right one.

And, oh, almost forgot, would you accept a patch for adding "and Serial ATA"
to the top "SCSI support" option? For a newbie is very difficult to find that
SATA drivers are under SCSI support. I can send you a draft patch, if you

Oh, and Nathan (if you are in charge of it), in the MAINTAINERS file there is
an "owner-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx" address for XFS, that replies with an error, could
you please either fix the address of fix the file? :-)

Lots of questions for only one mail :-)

Best regards,

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