Re: Weird cold boot problems with Abit KT7 motherboard

From: Flavio Stanchina
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 10:11:02 EST

Pavel Roskin wrote:
I have noticed several anomalies with Abit KT7 motherboard. [...]

Your board is broken in some way. I have one right next to me at this very moment and it's been running Linux and occasionally Windows XP (only for games, of course) for years without a glitch. I don't remember if I ever put my only 3c900 in it, but a couple of my 3c905s certainly did and they never show problems.

I also have a KT7A which has been my workstation for 3 years and it never had any problems like the ones you're reporting, but that's different enough to not count as an example.

Ciao, Flavio

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