Re: 2.6.6-mm-rc3-mm2 USB 2.0 after suspend issue

From: Ari Pollak
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 10:25:56 EST

2.6.6-mm2 does indeed fix the EHCI problem and those messages; I guess I didn't read the patches closely enough. Instead, though, I have a new problem related to suspend/resume in 2.6.6-mm2 where an attached USB mouse will stop responding after a resume, but unplugging & plugging the device back in will work fine.
I was going to send a message off to usb-devel about it, but Thunderbird ended up losing my entire e-mail and I was too lazy to re-type it.

David Brownell wrote:
Those messages are a bit strange. If it still
misbehaves in 2.6.6-mm2, please send "lspci -vv"
info for these USB controllers. (Preferably
to linux-usb-devel, where it's easier to see.)

ehci_hcd 0000:00:1d.7: resume from state D0
ehci_hcd 0000:00:1d.7: can't resume, not suspended!

Again, 2.6.6-mm2 shouldn't do that.

- Dave

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