Re: Linux 2.6.6 "IDE cache-flush at shutdown fixes"

From: Eric D. Mudama
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 12:44:25 EST

On Wed, May 12 at 17:28, Gene Heskett wrote:
Thank you Eric, for such a clear explanation of the problem (I have one of those drives and was the one who made the second report I believe... Now it seems that a fix can be written into our driver without a lot of fuss, so it becomes a non-issue for us once thats filtered thru Andrew and on up to Linus.

Glad I could help. As I said in a private email to a few people, I
fixed this for all future drives this morning, so that wierdness
shouldn't show up again. If anyone notices anything wierd or has
questions, I'd be happy to hear about it and try to help.

My Q for you, is, does M$ already have a similar workaround in their drivers? Just curious. :)

I am not privy to any "M$" driver code so I have no idea what is in
their driver.


Eric D. Mudama

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