Re: 2.6.6-mm2

From: Chris Wright
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 20:04:40 EST

* Andy Lutomirski (luto@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> Chris Wright wrote:
> > What about something that's just simple and generic? This is similar to
> > Andrea's disable_cap_mlock patch and the disabling capabilities patch
> > that wli produced back in that thread. It would remove the hack, and
> > buy us some time to find better solutions. Downside of course (as all
> > of these have) is reduced security value.
> I actually like the magic group better. This one means that _anyone_
> can DoS the system. Why not just give Oracle its own LSM if this is
> what you want to do (that way the nastiness is completely isolated)?

Magic group has better safety property, but it evolved from
disable_cap_mlock which for CAP_IPC_LOCK has the identical property to
this patch. Agreed it's safer w/out, but the magic group is so special
purpose that it feels like a hack. This patch is more contained and
IMO is just a hold over until we have something that really works.

> <shameless_plug> My patch (posted a couple hours ago) solves this one
> cleanly </shameless_plug>

I'll comment on that separately ;-)

Linux Security Modules
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