Re: Crashes possibly related to XFS fs.

From: Nathan Scott
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 20:38:51 EST

Hi there,

On Thu, May 13, 2004 at 11:16:23AM +0200, David Martinez Moreno - RedIRIS wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> Hello. Since 2.6-preX series we are using XFS filesystem in the Spanish
> Debian mirror. The machine is under load most of the time, and I think that
> our periodic crashes (most of them occur only after some hours of operation,
> some in a couple of days) could be related to the main data filesystem.
> For example, today I rebooted the server. All is working, well, with FTP and
> HTTP concurrent access, and then I run the periodic script to sync up with
> official Debian mirrors. It is a recursive rsync over the whole tree, over 96
> GB of size. Now it's running 2.6.6 vanilla. The crash is:
> ...
> May 12 15:21:17 ulises kernel: EIP is at xfs_count_page_state+0x31/0x8a

> May 12 15:21:18 ulises kernel: [linvfs_release_page+52/156] linvfs_release_page+0x34/0x9c
> May 12 15:21:18 ulises kernel: [try_to_release_page+81/107] try_to_release_page+0x51/0x6b
> ...

Hmm... that is an odd one. It looks like its crashing at
the first point we peek into a buffer_head attached to the
page given to xfs_count_page_state... the bh->state access
within buffer_uptodate here:

bh = head = page_buffers(page);
do {
if (buffer_uptodate(bh)

The page passed to releasepage is guaranteed locked and with
buffers attached, so there doesn't seem to me to be anything
XFS could have done wrong here - I suspect you may have some
memory problems (hardware) or else XFS is being called with
a page in an invalid state. I can't see anywhere that that
might be happening though - both of the try_to_release_page
callers guarantee the page states I described above.

Running memtest for awhile seems to be the done thing in this
situation, see if that detects any problems.
> Oh, and Nathan (if you are in charge of it), in the MAINTAINERS file there is
> an "owner-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx" address for XFS, that replies with an error, could
> you please either fix the address of fix the file? :-)

I'll look into that, thanks.


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