Re: MMUless CPU support?

From: Hyok S. Choi
Date: Fri May 14 2004 - 04:39:01 EST

Russell King - ARM Linux wrote:

On Thu, May 13, 2004 at 06:17:09PM +0200, Vadim Lebedev wrote:


about fork and mmap syscalls on uClinux:

actually i believe it would be better to leave calls.S untouched and return
EINVAL or similar in the C level code...
BTW, if i remember correctly (it was in 97 when i've ported uClinux 2.0.xx
from 68000 to ARM7) mmap call was partially functionnal on ucLinux
on arguments) so
there is no need to scrap it from calls.S too....

the less we touch .S file the eathier it'll be to maintain the NO-MMU

And you can use assembler/linker magic to alias sys_fork to

Since Hyok seems to be 100% against any kind of merge, it's useless
even talking about this though.

Hmm, I think about the clean and well structured kind of merge. His comment was useful for me. :-)

I always think almost all of tricky method to cross among codes is NO good, for maintainer, code readers, porting guys and all.
I like Vadim's method.

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