question about ip_build_xmit

From: linux lover
Date: Fri May 14 2004 - 07:20:38 EST

hello ,
In ip_output.c file there is ip_build_xmit function
call. when packet comes from tcp layer to IP layer
this function is called. In that i found that
skb = sock_alloc_send_skb(sk, length+hh_len+15
,flags&MSG_DONTWAIT, &err);
staement allocates skb for packet. after that i found
that no iphdr adding statement in ip_build_xmit. i
want to know where is iphdr push to skb? cause skb
works using first alloc_skb to allocate memory then
skb_reserve to reserve headroom then put data in skb
by skb_put or skb_push for pushing headers in skb. so
there i found
skb->nh.iph = iph = (struct iphdr *)skb_put(skb,
statement is this does that iphdr adding?


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