VMAX USB-STORAGE - kernel deadlock

From: Michal Semler
Date: Fri May 14 2004 - 08:11:48 EST


my friend bought usb flash disk VMAX/USB2.0/0404 version.
Under WinXP it works, but not under Linux.
There is 1 vfat filesystem, but linux reports 4 and when I try mount one,
kernel goes to deadlock. System reports bad size too.

Tested 2.4.26, 2.6.6

Here is output:

SCSI subsystem initialized
Initializing USB Mass Storage driver...
scsi0 : SCSI emulation for USB Mass Storage devices
Vendor: VMAX Model: 128MB Rev: 2.00
Type: Direct-Access ANSI SCSI revision: 02
USB Mass Storage device found at 2
usbcore: registered new driver usb-storage
USB Mass Storage support registered.
sda: Unit Not Ready, sense:
Current : sense key Unit Attention
Additional sense: Not ready to ready change, medium may have changed
SCSI device sda: 256000 512-byte hdwr sectors (131 MB)
sda: assuming Write Enabled
sda: assuming drive cache: write through
sda: sda1 sda2 sda3 sda4

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