[V4L] video crashes perodically

From: Christian Riedel
Date: Fri May 14 2004 - 13:42:07 EST


I have a problem with getting my tv-tuner card to work ... I loaded the modules with the right parameters for my card. When I start a tv application (be it zapping, xawtv or tvtime) I get video and sound just fine. However after a certain time (maybe 10 minutes) video starts crashing periodically: first luminance seems to vbe turned up step by step and after about 2 minutes video is hardly visible. Then sound collapses, video gets heavy distortions and a few seconds later video and sound switch back to normal. To illustrate the problem here ( http://sarek.webhop.org/tv ) are some screenshots - taken each 5 seconds approx.

I dont think that this a hardware problem, as the tv-tuner card works just fine - even for serveral hours nonstop tv - under windows.

I had this card working several months ago (using kernel 2.4.x or even earlier) but now using 2.6.x I can't get it working again

The card is a Typhoon TVCapturer (CPH031, Bt848a, Tuner Temic 4002FH5)
As module params I use card=59 tuner=0 for bttv and type=0 for tuner. These settings used to work fine before.

My system is debian/sid running kernel 2.6.5-3

I hope anyone of you can help me.

Thanks in advance

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