Re: forcedeth breaks X in Debian-testing 2.4.25 on MSI K7N2 Delta-Lmobo

From: Manfred Spraul
Date: Sat May 15 2004 - 13:58:34 EST

foner+x-forcedeth@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

So do you (or anyone) have any suggestions for what to do? This is a
reasonably new motherboard (I don't think it has any new firmware
versions out yet) and this leaves me dead in the water---all I can do
at this point is to just try the nVidia drivers and hope they work
better than forcedeth.

I would propose that as the first step: If this fails, then you can try to get support from NVidia.

From you description it doesn't look like a bug directly in the forcedeth driver: Perhaps a problem with a shared interrupt, or the vesa bios uses an area for I/O and the ethernet registers are remapped on top of the vesa registers.

Could you post lspci -vxx from both before and after loading forcedeth. Or try bios settings that sound like Plug-N-Play aware OS. Or try ACPI instead of APM (I've seen a boot log that contains both acpi and apm - which one do you use? Try to boot with "acpi=off", "pci=noacpi", etc.)


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