DRM and probing (was: your mail)

From: Jon Smirl
Date: Mon Aug 16 2004 - 19:28:50 EST

Building a shared stub driver that fbdev and DRM both use is just a
waste of time. While it may simplify probing in the current model it
does nothing to fix the conflicting use of registers and framebuffer
memory management. The stub driver approach touches about 25 device
drivers and would be a huge testing problem. Probing is not what
crashes systems; the other two issues cause the crashes.

Please read the overall plan for fixing things:
We welcome anyone who wants to help work on the solution.

That list is not set in stone but many, many people have reviewed and
commented on it. It was started in March and it has under gone many
revisions. If you think there are problems with this plan please let us
know now since several of the items have already been written and
others are being worked on. Most graphics discussion and review happens
on dri-dev and fb-dev not lkml.

Jon Smirl

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