Re: Megaraid random loss of luns

From: Sergey S. Kostyliov
Date: Fri Oct 08 2004 - 11:06:22 EST

On Friday 08 October 2004 16:51, Mukker, Atul wrote:
> I _highly_ recommend to replace the default driver with the latest
> driver and retry.

Unfortunately, version doesn't recognize my AMI megaraid 160 (Series 475)

[rathamahata@white megaraid]$ grep Version ./megaraid_mbox.c
* Version : v2.20.4 (September 27 2004)
[rathamahata@white megaraid]$ /sbin/lspci | grep Mega
02:04.0 RAID bus controller: American Megatrends Inc. MegaRAID (rev 02)
[rathamahata@white megaraid]$ /sbin/lspci -n | grep 02:04.0
02:04.0 Class 0104: 101e:1960 (rev 02)
[rathamahata@white megaraid]$

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