Linux 2.6.9-ac2

From: Alan Cox
Date: Thu Oct 21 2004 - 13:42:49 EST

o Fix invalid kernel version stupidity (Adrian Bunk)
o Compiler ICE workaround/fixup (Linus Torvalds)
o Fix network DoS bug in 2.6.9 (Herbert Xu)
| Suggested by Sami Farin
o Flash lights on panic as in 2.4 (Andi Kleen)


Security Fixes
o Set VM_IO on areas that are temporarily (Alan Cox)
marked PageReserved (Serious bug)
o Lock ide-proc against driver unload (Alan Cox)
(very low severity)

Bug Fixes
o Working IDE locking (Alan Cox)
| And a great deal of review by Bartlomiej
o Handle E7xxx boxes with USB legacy flaws (Alan Cox)

o Allow booting with "irqpoll" or "irqfixup" (Alan Cox)
on systems with broken IRQ tables.
o Support for setuid core dumping in some (Alan Cox)
environments (off by default)
o Support for drives that don't report geometry
o IT8212 support (raid and passthrough) (Alan Cox)
o Allow IDE to grab all unknown generic IDE (Alan Cox)
devices (boot with "all-generic-ide")
o Restore PWC driver (Luc Saillard)

o Small pending tty clean-up to moxa (Alan Cox)
o Put VIA Velocity (tm) adapters under gigabit (VIA)

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