Re: [PATCH] add requeue task

From: Ingo Molnar
Date: Tue Nov 02 2004 - 08:08:46 EST

* Con Kolivas <kernel@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> >| Change the granularity code to requeue tasks at their best priority
> >| instead of changing priority while they're running. This keeps tasks
> >| at their top interactive level during their whole timeslice.
> >
> >this is a behavioral change and should go into the 'possible negative
> >effect on interactivity' bucket. (of course it could very likely have a
> >positive effect as well - the bucket is just to separate the risks.)
> Actually I'd like to say I did it for positive effect to counter the
> change that occurred with dropping interactive credit. That was what I
> found in my testing, and I'd like them both to go together into -mm.

just in case my splitout comment wasnt clear: ack for that fix too,
conditional on good -mm exposure. Unlike the interactive_credit change i
think this one would be borderline doable for 2.6.10 if in -mm for a
couple of weeks at least, because the regression fixed by this is fresh
in 2.6.9.

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