Re: patch for sysfs in the cyclades driver

From: Greg KH
Date: Wed Nov 03 2004 - 15:09:29 EST

On Wed, Nov 03, 2004 at 01:55:51PM -0600, Kilau, Scott wrote:
> Hi Greg, all,
> > What's wrong with the kobject in /sys/class/tty/ which has one object
> > per port? I think we might not be exporting that class_device
> > structure, but I would not have a problem with doing that.
> > greg k-h
> Using the simple class tty kobject that tty_io.c keeps might work for my
> needs.
> However, there is one thing that stopped me from using it earlier...
> The naming of the directory (tty name) in /sys/class/tty is forced to
> be:
> "sprintf(p, "%s%d", driver->name, index + driver->name_base);"
> Is it possible we could change this to be more relaxed about the naming
> scheme?

Why? That's the kernel name for this tty device, right? Why would you
want to change this?

> Maybe we can allow a "custom" name to be sent into the
> tty_register_device() call? Like add another option parameter called
> "custom_name" that if non-NULL, is used instead of the derived name?

Why? What would you call it that would be any different from what we
use today? I guess I don't understand why you don't like the kernel


greg k-h
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