Re: Configuration system bug? : tmpfs listing in /proc/filesystemswhen TMPFS was not configured!?

From: Chiaki
Date: Sat Nov 06 2004 - 20:32:35 EST

Chiaki wrote:
(Please cc: me since I am not subscribed to linux-kernel list.)

I think there is something fishy about kernel 2.6.9.

I failed to enable TMPFS during configuration of
my linux kernel 2.6.9.

However, somehow /proc/filesystems lists "nodev tmpfs" line !?

Is this to be expected?

Just in case, the compilation of the kernel used stale object files, or
I recompiled the kernel after running make clean.

Still, "tmpfs" shows up in /proc/filesystems
listing although TMPFS was not configured.

I tried to figure out where "tmpfs" was
exported to /proc/filesystems, but could

This bug may bite more users in subtle ways
in the future.

BTW, the kernel version is 2.6.9
(-test-tmscsim suffix to the version string below
is added to remind me that I was testing tmscsim SCSI driver module.)

ishikawa@duron$ uname -a
Linux duron 2.6.9-test-tmscsim #11 Sun Nov 7 03:28:42 JST 2004 i686 GNU/Linux

Is there a specific sub-system module to whose maintainer
I should submit a bug report?
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