GPL Violation of 'sveasoft' with GPL Linux Kernel/Busybox + code

From: Shawn Starr
Date: Sun Nov 07 2004 - 12:32:16 EST

I dont know if this has been brought up but, a company called sveasoft is
blatently violating the GPL by not releasing any code:

case in point:

' Talisman activation will be very simple. Just enter your Sveasoft account
password once and it will pop up working. This even survives a full reset.

This is a bummer but we have a group of folks that are not satisfied with our
public, no-cost firmware and want to end this project so we need to adapt in
order to survive and continue our work. I've tried to make this as simple and
unobtrusive as possible. '

Its time for the GPL authors Linux kernel, busybox and others to notify this
'company' that they are violating the GPL. You cannot revoke existing GPL
code with a different license.

If Linksys had to release the code Sveasoft must follow suit.

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