Re: cdu31a - anyone has this ancient drive for testing?

From: Ondrej Zary
Date: Mon Nov 08 2004 - 05:58:48 EST

Daniel Egger wrote:
On 07.11.2004, at 17:15, Ondrej Zary wrote:

If someone has these ancient drives (CDU31A or CDU33A), please test :-)

I believe I have mine still lying around somewhere; if you are
interested (and willing to tell me a shippable address ;)) I'd
try to find it and send it over. I also probably still have
one or two ISA soundcards with Sony connector (one with Opti
chipset and a "highend" Yamaha Waveforge with additional cool
stuff... ;))

If you don't want to test it yourself, it might help me (if shipping to Slovakia is not a problem).

While we are at it I also have a Dawicontrol UW SCSI Controller
with Symbios Logic chipset to offer and two SCSI CD-Rom drives.

This might be useful for SCSI people.

If someone expresses interest in this ancient stuff I'd be happy
to arrange some shipment.


Ondrej Zary
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