Elsa 0.2 Released

From: Guillaume Thouvenin
Date: Mon Nov 08 2004 - 07:47:23 EST


ELSA is an Enhanced Linux System Accounting. We propose a user space
solution (except a small modification of 4 lines in the Linux kernel)
for managing groups of processes and providing a per-job accounting
instead of the classical per-process accounting. Work can be split into
the following parts :

1. A kernel patch (4 lines in fork.c)
2. A kernel module
3. A user space daemon
4. Per-process accounting informations (external like
5. A user space application

In this release, we improve the user space application. We provide an
environment (ncurses) to manage the group of processes and we also
provide an analyzer that computes per-job accounting. The analyzer is
able to parse BSD accounting informations and it can also parse
informations about jobs provided by the job daemon. With such
informations, we can provide per-job accounting. A sample session is
available (with some screen shots) at:

All informations to download ELSA 0.2 are available on the main web page:

Every comments are welcome,
The ELSA Team.

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