Re: insmod module-loading errors, Linux-2.6.9

From: linux-os
Date: Mon Nov 08 2004 - 13:47:20 EST

On Mon, 8 Nov 2004, Colin Leroy wrote:

On 08 Nov 2004 at 10h11, linux-os wrote:


Please restore the "-f" parameter passed to insmod. It
was there for a very good reason. This allows one
who encounters the module-loading error while installing
the kernel to force the module loading. In this way, the
correct modules are used to generate the new `initrd` image.

Wouldn't using the EXTRAVERSION field save you from such hassles?


There are certainly work-arounds for problems that shouldn't
exist at all. So, every time I do something to a kernel, I
have to change whatever the EXTRAVERSION field is? Then, when
a customer demands that the kernel version be exactly the
same that was shipped with Fedora or whatever, I'm screwed.

They simply should not have removed the "-f" option of
insmod. It's just that simple. This option allowed transient
(possible) incompatibilities so that one could be productive
and not spend a whole day reinstalling from a distribution
CD because the new modules wouldn't work because somebody
decided that their special VERMAGIC_STRING was so ")@*&#$%)"
important that they preempted my work. Don't get me started....

Dick Johnson
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