Re: cdu31a - anyone has this ancient drive for testing?

From: Daniel Egger
Date: Mon Nov 08 2004 - 13:49:58 EST

On 08.11.2004, at 11:57, Ondrej Zary wrote:

If you don't want to test it yourself, it might help me (if shipping to Slovakia is not a problem).

The problem is that those drives will only work with ancient
ISA soundcards so even if I had a need for a non-bootable
single/double speed CDROM drive these days I'm really lacking
machines to actually use it since I've only one PC with ISA
slot(s) and this one is already occupied by an ISDN card.

Hey, I'd even rather pop in an ancient ISA 10 Mbit network card
with boot eprom and boot from network; that is 34 to 68 times
faster and live is no fun without network anyway. ;)

Shipping a drive to Slovakia shouldn't be a problem, finding
it in my storage area (in the hope I haven't put it to the
dump in dispair) is. Please stand by.


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