[PATCH 2.6.9 0/2] new enhanced accounting data collection

From: Jay Lan
Date: Mon Nov 08 2004 - 14:03:49 EST

In earlier round of discussion, all partipants favored a common
layer of accounting data collection.

This is intended to offer common data collection method for various
accounting packages including BSD accounting, ELSA, CSA, and any other
acct packages that use a common layer of data collection.

This patchset consists of two parts: acct_io and acct_mm. Discussion
identified that improved data collection in the area of I/O and Memory
are useful to larger systems.

collects per process data on charater read/written in bytes
and number of read/write syscalls made.

collects per process data on rss and vm total usage and
peak usage.

Andrew, this new version incorporated feedback from your prior comment.

Best Regards,

Jay Lan - Linux System Software
Silicon Graphics Inc., Mountain View, CA

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