Re: [PATCH] Use MPOL_INTERLEAVE for tmpfs files

From: Martin J. Bligh
Date: Mon Nov 08 2004 - 16:05:54 EST

>> Matt has volunteered to write the mount option for this, so let's hold
>> off for a couple of days until that's done.
> I had the time to do this myself. Updated patch attached below.
> Description:
> This patch creates a tmpfs mount option and adds code which causes
> tmpfs allocations to be interleaved across the nodes of a NUMA machine.
> This is useful in situations where a large tmpfs file would otherwise
> consume most of the memory on a single node, forcing tasks running on
> that node to perform off-node allocations for other (i.e. non-tmpfs)
> memory needs.
> Tightly synchronized HPC applications with large (on the order of
> a single node's total RAM) per-task memory requirements are an example
> of a type of application which benefits from this change. Other
> types of workloads may prefer local tmpfs allocations, thus a mount
> option is provided.
> The new mount option is "interleave=", and defaults to 0. Any non-zero
> setting turns on interleaving. Interleaving behavior can be changed
> via a remount operation.

Looks good to me, though I don't really know that area of code very well.
Hopefully Hugh or someone can give it a better review.

Thanks for doing that,


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