Kernel or failing harddisc?

From: Alistair John Strachan
Date: Mon Nov 08 2004 - 20:00:30 EST


Periodically, especially while playing large files with Xine (~1.4GB OGMs),
playback will pause for up to 10 seconds. I see the following in dmesg;

hda: dma_timer_expiry: dma status == 0x64
hda: DMA interrupt recovery
hda: lost interrupt

The drive then recovers and playback resumes, no problem.

Is this likely to be the first signs of a faulty HD, or is it some known
problem? In the event that it's the HD, has anybody been able to successfully
RMA a Maxtor which has this, albeit minor, problem?


personal: alistair()devzero!co!uk
university: s0348365()sms!ed!ac!uk
student: CS/AI Undergraduate
contact: 1F2 55 South Clerk Street,
Edinburgh. EH8 9PP.
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