RivaFB on Geforce FX 5200

From: Oded Shimon
Date: Tue Nov 09 2004 - 08:00:27 EST


I'm trying to get the rivafb module to work on my Geforce FX, i used the
rivatv program as reference to simply add the PCI device to the list of
supported devices in riva/fbdev.c . After which I was surprised to find out
that after compiling and making a module it successfully modprobed, created
the /dev/fb device, and MPlayer and X used it happily.
I now managed to get it to work for FB console as well, but it has some
issues, and I really have no idea about the causes and solutions to these

One problem is when switching from X back to FB console, I can still see the X
cache (at the different res and color depth, it simply looks like noise...),
until some kind of modification has happenned in the console.
If i run any kind of program which modifies the frame buffer, for ex. fbset or
ppmtofb, the FB console is irreversibly ruined until reboot. (it looks mostly
like noise which you can barely make out the console text underneath).
The worst problem - no penguin at boot up. :( There is a black bar in the
area where its supposed to be, but no image...
My guess is the cause for most of these problem is me causing the driver to
think it can support my card, when it doesn't really have all the kinks
sorted out...

Up until now I've always used vesafb, and the "nvidia" binary module for X...
vesa is slow though, which is why I am trying to get rivafb to work.. I also
recently realized that the free "nv" module support geforce FX, and it works
good on my X...

- ods15
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