Re: Blast and data miscompare

From: Jake Moilanen
Date: Tue Nov 09 2004 - 10:36:47 EST

> I have tried searching on this issue, but found nothing. I heard from a
> kernel developer at work that a memory error was discovered recently in
> the linux 2.6 kernel that causes data miscompare errors in the generic
> scsi driver when executing blast tests.
> Does anyone know more about this???

Not sure if it's the same problem. But we were seeing a miscompare on
2.4 due to a incorrect COW happening, followed by a hardware hash hole
w/ PPC64.

To fix it we had to make sure that the PTE was cleared and the TLB's
flushed before the new PTE was established.

Martin, was this fixed on 2.6?

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