Re: [PATCH] md: Documentation/md.txt update

From: Jim Nelson
Date: Tue Nov 09 2004 - 17:52:53 EST

Neil Brown wrote:
On Monday November 8, james4765@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Update status of superblock formats and fix misspellings in Documentation/md.txt

Thanks but ....

-The kernel does *NOT* autodetect which format superblock is being
-used. It must be told.
+The kernel will autodetect which format superblock is being used.

This is an incorrect change. The kernel does *NOT* autodetect
superblock format. I'm you really think it does, please point me at
the code.

AFAICT, mddev_t->major_version is used to indicate the superblock format. That form is used in add_new_disk(), but not in autostart_array().

It looks like the autostart_array function is set up to only work with the 0.90.0 superblock format, but the add_new_disk function calls the proper superblock-handling form using super_types[] to switch between the type 0 and type 1 superblock formats.

OTOH, I could be wrong.

-One started with RUN_ARRAY, uninitialised spares can be added with
+One started with RUN_ARRAY, uninitialized spares can be added with

You corrected the wrong part of this line.
"One" at the beginning should be "Once".

Oops. Missed that.

"uninitialised" is correct - in the Locale of the author.

Do we go for Queen's English, American English, or what? Just so I can set up the spell-checker in the proper locale.

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