Re: [PATCH] Additional kgdb hooks

From: George Anzinger
Date: Tue Nov 09 2004 - 18:40:35 EST

Andrew Morton wrote:
dhowells@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

The attached patch adds a couple of extra hooks by which kgdb or an equivalent
gdbstub can catch bad_page() and panic() invocations.

Tom is valiantly flogging his way through a generic KGDB implementation. I
think it would be better to push ahead with that and to not put into
generic code hooks which are specific to one arch's kgdb implementation.

IMNSHO the trap should be in dump_stack(). That way it catches a bunch of things all at once.

Also, panic has a notify option that kgdb should use just like everybody else.

George Anzinger george@xxxxxxxxxx

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