Re: [Lse-tech] Re: [PATCH 2.6.9 0/2] new enhanced accounting datacollection

From: Guillaume Thouvenin
Date: Wed Nov 10 2004 - 03:52:55 EST

On Wed, 2004-11-10 at 02:28, Jay Lan wrote:
> I looked at the latest 2.6.10-rc1-mm4, and found the eop handler
> acct_process(code) used to be invoked per process from do_exit()
> has been hijacked :) to become a per group thing. I would still like
> to have a per process eop handling. How about BSD and ELSA?

ELSA uses a daemon called "jobd" which is able to produce a file that
contains informations about the relationship between a process and its
job. The conjunction of this file and the per-job accounting information
(currently the BSD-accounting) allows ELSA to provide per-job
accounting. Thus, I also need per-process accounting. Maybe the per
process eop handling can be done with CSA...


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