Re: [discuss] [PATCH x86_64]: Setup PER_LINUX32 on x86_64

From: Arnd Bergmann
Date: Wed Nov 10 2004 - 04:57:14 EST

On Dinsdag 02 November 2004 09:47, Jin, Gordon wrote:
> On x86_64, PER_LINUX32 is not setup but used by syscall personality and uname.
> This patch sets PER_LINUX32 when x86 binary loaded so it can be used correctly.
> - Set personality to PER_LINUX32 when x86 binary loaded.
> - Set personality to PER_LINUX when x86_64 binary loaded.
> - Use sys32_personality instead of sys_personality.
> - Add sys32_newuname() for syscall newuname.
> - Remove the unnecessary check for PER_LINUX32 in sys_uname().

That behavior would be significantly different from the current one,
which is also used on all other biarch architectures. This probably
breaks lots of user setups.

I also think the current behavior is the right one. For things like
configure, you need a way to set the uname independent of the binary
format of your shell. Another example is building rpm packages
on a mixed system, where should be able to set the personality
to decide which target architecture to build for.

Arnd <><

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