Re: CELF interest in suspend-to-flash

From: Tim Bird
Date: Wed Nov 10 2004 - 13:25:03 EST

Nigel Cunningham wrote:
> Can flash be treated as a swap device at the moment?
I don't know. I'll ask around. I'm not an expert, but we have some
people with experience with suspend-resume in our working group.

> If so, it might
> simply be a matter of specifying the same parameter used in swapon for
> the resume2= boot parameter.

Interesting... I'll pass this on and see what people think.

> If more work is required, I'd happily help, although I might be a little
> slow: I'm only work on this on a voluntary basis at the moment (looking
> for full time work, from next month though).

Also interesting. The forum moves VERY slowly on things (so you might not
hear back from me for a while), but I'll definitely keep this in mind.

Thanks very much for the response.

Tim Bird
Architecture Group Chair, CE Linux Forum
Senior Staff Engineer, Sony Electronics
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