The latest module tool issue

From: yiding_wang
Date: Wed Nov 10 2004 - 20:02:01 EST

I am using moudle-init-tools-3.1-pre6 with kernel 2.6.9. The new insmod seems have restrictions which failed loading driver module with parameters.

My module parameter is in the form of modname="*************** ****", a quite long one.
Run - insmod modname.o modname="*********** *******" (with a script), it complains about the space and treats the string next to the space to be a "Unknown parameter".

By replacing the space with any character, then it complains
"modname: string parameter too long"

Same parameter string works fine under 2.4.25 with original insmod.

Is this a bug or new insmod has restrictions? If it is restriction, it will bring a lot of trouble.


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