About the The Sveasoft issue

From: Amie Locke
Date: Wed Nov 10 2004 - 21:45:06 EST

Sorry that I have to resort to (more or less)
anonymous posting. You'll understand my reasons if you
read the emails that Sveasoft has sent me.
I followed the ongoing discussion about a possible GPL
violation a little and I believe I can add something
to it.
Please take your time to read this thread:

Of course, on first look it seems like Sveasoft has a
clean sheet. James Ewing (head of Sveasoft) is a
pretty clever guy (although I don't believe the IQ of
170 he claims to have) and he wouldn't blatantly
violate the GPL just like that.
He's using other tactics and they show how a company
can easily circumvent the GPL...
Please take your time to read the entire story, if
possible also visit my website where I posted my email
conversation with James:

Regards, TheIndividual

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