Re: [PATCH]a tar filesystem for 2.6.10-rc1-mm3

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Thu Nov 11 2004 - 06:20:02 EST


> let's think about the way we access the file which contained in a tar file
> may we can untar the whole thing and we find the file we want to access
> or we can use the t option with tar to list all the files in the tar
> and then untar
> the only one file we want to access.
> but with the help of the tarfs,we can mount a tar file to some dir and access
> it easily and's like the tarfs in mc.
> just mount -t tarfs tarfile.tar /dir/to/mnt -o loop
> then access the files easily.
> it was writen by Kazuto Miyoshi (kaz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) Hirokazu
> Takahashi (h-takaha@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) for linux 2.4.0
> and i make it work for linux 2.6.0. now a patch for linux
> 2.6.10-rc1-mm3

Hmm, at least it needs to be indented by tab, see
Documentation/CodingStyle. If it could do compressed tars... well I
could find a use for _that_...

> +static int tarfs_readdir(struct file * filp,
> + void * dirent, filldir_t filldir)
> +{
> + struct inode *inode = filp->f_dentry->d_inode;
> + int err;
> + struct tarent *dir_tarent, *ent;
> + int dtype=0;
> + int count, stored;
> +
> + dir_tarent = TARENT(inode);
> +
> + message("tarfs: tarfs_readdir (dir_tarent %p, f_pos %ld)\n",
> + dir_tarent, (long)filp->f_pos);
> +

People were complaining that M$ turns users into beta-testers...
...jr ghea gurz vagb qrirybcref, naq gurl frrz gb yvxr vg gung jnl!
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