Re: [AX25]: Fix cb lookup

From: Alan Cox
Date: Thu Nov 11 2004 - 10:35:31 EST

On Mer, 2004-11-10 at 05:54, Linux Kernel Mailing List wrote:
> ChangeSet 1.2026.76.14, 2004/11/09 21:54:43-08:00, ralf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> [AX25]: Fix cb lookup
> Ax AX.25 connection is identified only by it's source and destination,
> not by the device it's routed through, so fix the connection block
> lookup to ignore the device of a connection. This fixes dying connections
> in case of an AX.25 routing flap.

At least the way some networks are run this is incorrect. You've just
killed AX.25 support for networks that do assume the same callsign on a
frequency is a different connection. This should at least have a sysctl
to switch the behaviour.

The whole notion of an AX.25 routing flap is mildly amusing given that
AX.25 isnt routed but is a link layer point to point protocol with a
broadcast datagram hack attached. I know people do it just like they
"route" netbeui but the default behaviour ought to reflect the AX.25
standard document and do the link layer checks.


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