Re: Wanted: small number of crazy highpoint IDE (HPT366-372N/374) controller owners

From: Mark Gross
Date: Thu Nov 11 2004 - 13:35:31 EST

On Wednesday 10 November 2004 10:30, Alan Cox wrote:
> I've been debugging and chasing down various HPT IDE problems. I've done
> some cleanups, fixed the PLL tune and little bits like that. These are
> the kind of changes that turn your disk into a random number generator
> if they go wrong but OTOH the HPT372N crashes should be fixed.
> Now it needs some testers...
> Alan

I have a retiered BP6 at home I could try to bring up this weekend. The only
problem is that I haven't been able to boot a 2.6 kernel from the HPT 366
attached drive it as the device id's seem to have been shuffeled about on me.
hdd goes to something else or so i thought before I gave up on the thing.

I could put 2 IDE's in it one on the 366 and one on the chipset IDE
controllers to get the thing to boot up.

just let me know.


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