Re: 2.6 vs 2.4: pxe booting system won't restart

From: Roger Luethi
Date: Thu Nov 11 2004 - 13:50:22 EST

[BCC'ed the people at VNTEK who are on the case]

On Wed, 10 Nov 2004 14:36:50 -0600, Brian Jackson wrote:
> > > Then the bios tries to fallback to other means of booting, and there
> > > are none. Anybody got any clues where to start looking for fixes?
> >
> > Remove the kernel code that powers down the ethernet chip. If that works
> Yay, looks like this bit near line 1950 of via-rhine.c:
> /* Hit power state D3 (sleep) */
> writeb(readb(ioaddr + StickyHW) | 0x03, ioaddr + StickyHW);
> I removed that, and it works like a charm now. Thank you very much.

I'm sorry, I should posted a warning earlier. This problem has been
reported before.

> > then poke VIA.
> Poke them to fix the driver or to fix the bios?

BIOS. I can't fix this in the driver. Some hardware requires D3 for WOL.

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